Davidson College 20th Reunion


Davidson College Reunion Weekend

June 8-10, 2018

'98 Cats Doin' Shiz

Connect. Reconnect. To The Past. For The Future.

Welcome to the home for our 20th Year Reunion.  The Class of 1998 has the taken the initiative and assumed the honor and privilege of creating a new 20th Year Reunion milestone for Davidson Alumni.  

Being 20 years removed from graduation we each have gained a wealth of diverse life experiences, successes, trials, growth, and redirects. We want to make this year leading up to our reunion a time of reflection on our own lives and how our Davidson experience as students and also alumni has influenced our lives. 

We also want to make it a year to strengthen existing bonds and reconnect with each other and the Davidson College community. 

Each of us and Davidson itself have a unique place in the future of civil society and we want 20th Reunion years at Davidson to become a time for reflection, connection, and action every year to follow. 

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