Davidson College 20th Reunion
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Reunion Year Goals

Reunion Mission and Goals

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Reunion Goals

Nothing says fun like setting some goals! 

But honestly, we are are a goal-driven lot and there is no greater satisfaction than setting a goal, working with passion with others, and blowing a goal out of the water.

Our goals for our 20th reunion are simple Connect, Break Some Records, and Learn & Have Some Fun



Connecting with us, each other, and Davidson on social media; engage and reengage as we barrel towards reunion. 

Pick your social media poison HERE.


Break Some Records

We have set some lofty goals this year for our class. We want to break some records for:

  1. Giving participation (all-time).
  2. 20th year giving total.
  3. 20th year reunion attendance.

Keep track on our progress HERE.


Learn & Have some Fun

We '98 Cats are doing shiz and we want to learn and share where we've been, where we are, and where we are going. 

20 year out we are still all only part way through our journeys. We all have learned a lot and always ready to learn more. 

See what we cats are up to HERE.